Psychoanalytic Training Tustin, CA

Psychoanalytic Training Program

Our Psychoanalytic Training Program takes place over a minimum of five years through the threefold process long established in psychoanalysis: Didactic Seminars, Personal Psychoanalysis, and Supervised Clinical Work, resulting in Certification as a Psychoanalyst. read more

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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program

NPI offers a one or two year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program designed for mental health professionals in clinical practice who want to enhance their theoretical understanding of psychoanalytic principles and improve their clinical skills in conducting intensive psychotherapy. It is also designed for professionals from related fields who wish to further their understanding of human dynamics. Our program includes classes in psychoanalytic theory, as well as clinical case presentations/consultation. read more

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Psychoanalytic Couples Therapy Program

Psychoanalytic couples therapy is a challenging endeavor and a useful, rewarding area of clinical practice. The couples therapy training is geared for licensed professionals (or the equivalent) who desire advanced training in couple treatment. The content of the couples therapy training program covers assessment and consultation with couples, establishing and maintaining a couple perspective in treatment, understanding and utilizing the therapist’s counter-transference responses, and dealing with common challenges in couple work such as polarizing identifications, aggression in couples, differing degrees of motivation for treatment, and couples with trauma more

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