Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Programs

NPI offers a one or two year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program designed for mental health professionals in clinical practice who want to enhance their theoretical understanding of psychoanalytic principles and improve their clinical skills in conducting intensive psychotherapy. It is also designed for professionals from related fields who wish to further their understanding of human dynamics. Our program includes classes in psychoanalytic theory, as well as clinical case presentations/consultation.

Year 1: Introduction to Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy – classes include clinical seminars covering the first meeting, the frame, transference and counter-transference, and boundary concerns, psychoanalytic listening, and case consultations.

Year 2: Advanced Concepts in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy – class topics include dreams. Primitives mental states, theoretical overviews of core psychoanalytic theories, developmental applications to clinical practice, addiction treatment and case consultations.

Our students are practitioners eager to learn the principles and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and to enhance their clinical skills and deepen their work. The program offers a theoretical base with clinically relevant readings and case vignettes.  In addition, participants will study child development and its applicability to psychoanalytic psychotherapy with adults.  All students enrolled in the course are strongly encouraged to be in supervision.  Many of our former students have affirmed the importance of supervision and its usefulness in enhancing the didactic experience.  We can help connect students with psychoanalytic supervisors.