Certificate Programs in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

One Year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate

One Year Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and One Year Certificate in Advanced Concepts in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The practice of psychotherapy is a rewarding, but very demanding, occupation. Our patients continually challenge ways of thinking and practicing, which provides endless opportunities for growth and development, but can also leave the practitioner feeling unsure how best to work with the people who have turned to him or her for help. In some cases the work can feel isolating.

The NPI one-year psychodynamic psychotherapy program and the one-year advanced concepts in psychoanalytic psychotherapy aim to help psychotherapists:

  • listen to patients in new ways
  • recognize the unconscious dynamics in their patients, themselves, and in the therapeutic relationship
  • tolerate greater ambiguity in the midst of difficult work
  • practice in a deeper, more satisfying way with their patients
  • find greater personal satisfaction in their work.
  • find a community of open and interested colleagues with whom they can learn and grow

The curriculum is designed to integrate multiple perspectives about classical and contemporary theories of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  Didactic seminars in theory and technique and one clinical conference are conducted weekly, on Fridays, throughout three academic trimesters per year.

Didactic Seminars:  Didactic seminars explore models of the mind, technique of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and technical and theoretical aspects of working psychoanalytically.

 Theory:  Theoretical seminars focus on models of the mind from Freud to the current day, in which intrapsychic processes that shape behavior and symptoms are correlated with biological, psychological and cultural-social factors as well as, affect regulation, developmental theories, dreams and primitive mental states.

 Technique:  Technique seminars focus on essential elements of the clinical encounter, engagement, frame and boundaries, transference, countertransference, enactment, and thinking psychoanalytically.

Clinical Experience & Supervision: Psychoanalytic Case Presentation gives participants the opportunity to apply their course work to their own cases in small group presentations to senior NPI faculty members and graduate analysts. Participants are also required to meet with a member of the institute for eight weeks each trimester for individual supervision.